Julep Maven March 2014

I finally received my March 2014 box a couple days ago.  I also ordered a couple other products from Julep so I thought I would post them as well.

I recycled my box before I could take a picture… Oops!!!

For March I ordered the Modern beauty and did the add on of Soraphine.


Buff Lip Scrub – $20.00 

Okay, so I really like the lip scrub, although it is not as “scrubby” as I would like it to be.. But I’m also not sure how harsh a lip scrub should be, because this is my first lip scrub. My lips definitely need some help this winter, so I think this product is helping!

Luxe Lip Conditioning Treatment – $24.00

I really want to like this, but I think I’m slightly intolerant to it.  I have yet to figure out what ingredient in lipgloss/lipstick that irritates.. So some lipglosses/lipsticks give me this weird tickle/cough in my throat and this is totally recent in the last couple years..  If I don’t use a lot of the product then I’m usually okay… Sorry, I got a bit derailed for a moment.  Anyway, this product totally is conditioning, smells great, and I really the metal applicator. I would recommend it, but if lip products bother you (and you’re not sure what ingredient bothers you) then I might suggest not buying it.

Soraphine – $14.00

I’ve been into white/cream/light polishes lately and that’s why I picked this as my add on.  I love it.  I have so many top coats that I cannot wait to use on it.

Overall I was really happy with my March Julep Maven Box and with the add on it ended up costing me about $25.00, which isn’t bad considering the prices of the individual products!


Aretha – $14.00

AND so I bought the March Birthstone color, because I’m born in March and this such a pretty top coat.  I can’t wait to use it!


Clean Slate Conditioning Nail Polish Remover and Pump – $14.00 

I haven’t tried this yet, but I’m happy that this is acetone free.  Never thought I’d hear nail polish remover and cond itioning in the same sentence, so this will be interesting to try out!

In total I paid about $23.00 for these two products, which is a decent discount… But I don’t think I’d spend that much again on one nail polish and nail polish remover.


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