bye bye 2013

“As a god self-slain on his own strange altar,
               Death lies dead.”
This is a quotation ripped straight away from one of my favorite poems written by Swinbourne.  Rather than gushing about how great 2013 was or how it had so many bumps in the road, I think it’s best if we reflect on the past year to ourselves.  Take the time to think about the past year.  What are you going to bring over to the year 2014 and what are you going to leave behind?  Remember, you are a different person today than who you were 365 days ago. Yet, we can’t leave our old selves in 2013, but we can mend ourselves to strive for a different or better year that involves testing our very being. We are not perfect. We are reflections of our past.  But with time, we can reach goals and dreams as long as we strive for that change.
With that said, I can’t wait to start up at a new gym with the love of my life and reach our fitness goals together — that’s what 2014 will be about for me and this blog.