BeautyDNA – March 2014

This subscription box is currently in BETA… I had to join.  It is $25.00 dollars a month for 1 full-sized product worth at least $45.00.  You have to fill out an intense survey so that they can match you to a product that is right for you.  I think it’s pretty neat.  The only bad thing is that if you don’t like what you receive, you cannot return it.

It came in a super cute box and packaged very nicely. 



I’m not a mother or pregnant, but I got matched with a brand that is geared towards motherhood.. With that aside, I do have some stretch marks on my arms and legs from gaining/losing weight so this is actually a decent product for me.  It is for existing stretchmarks and I think if I use it regularly it will diminish the look of them.  This also feels like an amazing lotion in general, so I might use it for all over. It smells really fresh and fruity so I of course love it.  Even though the brand itself is something I would probably never look into, beauty DNA really listens.  AND the best part is that this product is Allergy Tested, has  no Artificial Dyes or Fragrances,  no Phthalates, no Paraben Preservatives, and it’s  Cruelty-Free.


I’m pretty sure that this is an older version of the bottle because the one on Ulta’s website and Belli’s website look different.  Also, this product is $34.00 on amazon.. But I still saved about $10.00 so I’m not upset.  


Overall, I’m happy with this service so far and can’t wait to see what I get matched with next month!