Birchbox April 2014

Hi all,

I received my April birchbox a couple days ago and am happy to report my reviews on the product! 

The card


One of the cute little 52 Bright ideas for a rainy day… Birchbox knows me so well, since I already do this!



The insides of the box 


Cynthia Rowley Beauty Eye Pencil – Silver.  Full Size – 0.04 oz, $16.00. Deluxe Sample Size – 0.03 oz, $12.00.

At first I was kind of like “meh” to this product, but it grew on me after I swatched it a couple times.  It goes on so smooth and the color stays pretty well.  I don’t really wear any color of eyeliner besides black, so this will be a nice piece to add to my collection.  I’ll post a swatch of it below. 

The Balm, How ‘Bout Them Apples in Pie.  Full size, $32.  Deluxe sample size 20g and I’m not exactly sure of the value.

This is the cutest sample ever.  Although it is super tiny, it feels like it will last me a while.  I think I like it more for my lips then my cheeks, but I’ll have to do some experimenting.  I absolutely love the color!

And here is a swatch of the two


Fekkai – Technician Color Care Shampoo.  Full Size – 8 oz, $20.00. Deluxe Sample Size – 2 oz, $5.00.

This shampoo smells really nice.  I do have colored hair so this is nice to have lying around for when I run out of the shampoo that I normally use.  I’m currently into more natural shampoos (this has sulfates and parabens), so this wasn’t my favorite item from birchbox, but I will still use it.

Color Club – Heirloom Pearls.  Full Size – 4 bottles, $13.00.  Sample Size, 1 bottle $3.25.

I like the color of this nail polish, but I already have a lot of similar colors.  I have more samples from this brand and it seems to be a pretty good polish. 

Kind Bar – Maple Pumpkin Seeds.  Lifestyle Extra. 

I’m kind of indifferent to kind bars.  I think they are okay.  This flavor smells really good so I am excited to give it a try!

Okay… so I also added this to my box for an extra $24.00… AND I LOVE IT.. Got it in the color Bambi.. I love water bottles.. 




January 2014 Birchbox Review

Hi guys,

I finally received my birchbox  the month of January.  I decided since I subscribe to this box, among others, I might as well blog about them, because it goes well with my health and beauty theme for 2014. 



And the samples:  



Okay, my birchbox samples this month are: 

Dr. Lipp:  Original Nipple Balm for Lips.  Full size $14.50 15ml. Sample size $2.90 3ml.

I really enjoy receiving lip products in my subscriptions boxes.  This is a must have sample.  It feels good on the lips and is really hydrating.  I’m really thinking about buying the full size. 

Embryolisse:  Lait-Creme Concentre (24 hour Miracle Cream).  Full size $16 75ml.  Sample size $1.06 5ml.

I haven’t had the chance to try this product out yet, but it does have a lot of good reviews.  I think it is a decent size sample to use on the face a few times to see if it works well as a moisturizer.  I think it’s really neat that you can use it as a makeup remover!

Chauo.  Assorted Chocopod 8 Piece Gift Set, $9.95.  1 sample $1.25.

I received the honeycomb one and i ate in like 2 seconds.  Birchbox knows me so well. Dark chocolate and honey – you cannot go wrong.  This was also a lifestyle extra which means it is in addition to the other samples.  

Color Club: Top Shelf.  Full size $8.00 0.50 Floz.   Sample size 0.25 Fl oz $4.00.

I actually really like receiving nail polish in my boxes.  I think these are the perfect size samples and they last . The color is great, and i can’t wait to use it.  I think brand is pretty good and the color holds up to wear and tear. But, like most polishes, if you work with a lot files and paper, it will chip. 

Beauty Protector:  Protect & Detangle.  Full size $21.95 8oz.  Sample size $2.75 1oz. 

I love this product.  It is by far my favorite product in the box.  It smells amazing, and the product really does detangle.  So it’s great for my colored hair!  I am definitely going to buy this product.

Overall, my box was worth $11.96.  I think that is a pretty great deal since you get to sample a bunch of different products that you might not otherwise try out.  Also, if you review the products you receive every month from birchbox you get an extra 10 points per product. So that’s roughly another $5.00 a month.  Not a bad deal.   

Happy New Year, 

Reflect not shine. 

P.S.  Leave comments about what you received this month.  What you like/ don’t like.  Any questions you have about any of my products, and I’ll answer them to the best of my ability.