Socialbliss The Style Box March 2014

I forgot to cancel this sub (too expensive), but I’m glad I forgot to cancel it!! haha.  This subscription is a little less than $50.00 a month.  


And this is what a Spring box looks like.. Although th theme of the box is “Paris is always a good idea.”



AND the contents This box has 5 items:


Flourishing in Florals Headband.  Retail, $14.00.

Love this headband.  It’s super cute and tiny. It’s definitely not as bold as the floral headband I received in fabfitfun, but I will wear it.  I think my new obsession is headbands. It’s definitely a Spring item. 

Ohh la la Baumes Pour Levres.  Retail, $1.00

This item doesn’t wow me, but it will be good to throw in my purse.  It has a light floral scent.  Oh, and it’s from avon. 

French Milled Lemon Verbena by South of France.  Retail, $1.00.

I’m not the biggest fan of bar soaps, but it has a nice lemon scent to it. 



Eco-Chic Beauty Brushes Set.   Retail, $25.00.

I don’t own many brushes, because I guess I just prefer to use my fingers.  I actually recently received my first brush set from my sister for my birthday…  This set has babmboo handles soft synthetic taklon bristles that are cruelty and the case is made out of hemp and natural cotton.  I like the look of these brushes and it seems to be good quality. 




Spring in paris Mattie Bag by Melie Blanco.  Retail, $80.00.  

Also known as the best item I have ever received in a box.. Seriously i love this bag.  It’s a nice spring pink (photo is a bit washed out) and the inside is super cute.  I love that it zippers and has multiple sections and pockets.  It does not include a shoulder strap, but I think a shoulder stap from another bag of mine will look good on this.


What did you guys think of this month’s box?  I love the purse so it was definitely worth my worry of forgetting to cancel. 




Socialbliss February 2014

This is the box that I have been dying to get, and it finally came yesterday! I think that this is one of the best boxes that I have ever received.  

The inside of the box:



Wrapped up in radiance scarf: $22.00. 

Okay, this scarf was hard to photograph with my lighting situation and camera phone, but it is a super cute scarf that is big enough to double as a wrap to cover up the bottoms of your bathing suit.  I love the colors and the pattern.  It’s very cute and soft.  I’m not usually a scarf person, but I really can’t wait to wear this scarf. 




Galena Bliss Ring by Lili Claspe – $55.00.

I love this ring.  This is something I would totally wear to work or on a night out.  I think it is super fun, and adds a little sparkle and fun to any outfit (within reason).  I received this is silver, and I’m really happy about it, because I prefer silver to gold.  I looked at other jewelry at and everything is so beautiful, but expensive.  

Image  Image


Fleur de wallet $45.00 

This wallet is so much better looking in person.  I really like it, and will be using it soon, as long as it fits in my purse — it’s pretty big. You can also use it as a clutch. This item alone is worth the entire box — at least in my opinion.  




Inked in stylus pen. $10.00

Not a big fan of the stylus portion of the pen, but I like the pen itself.  This is cute, and something I will bring to work to use, and pretend to be fabulous. 😉



Vinotherapy face mask by naisture $3.00

I love face masks! I’ve never tried a wine mask before, so this should be fun.  I wonder what it smells like.




Go matte polish by she $4.00

I think this color is super cute. I’ve never heard of this brand though, so I can’t give much feedback on it.  


What did you guys think of the February socialbliss box?