Bulu Box Weight Loss Box March 2014

I’m really liking this subscription.  I have a three month subscription and am debating on getting another three months, once this subscription box ends.  

The box:


K-Pax Energy.  Full-size, 30 tablet $24.95.

This is actually a full-size product! Yay!  Although it’s an energy supplement, it looks like it can be taken as a daily vitamin.  The serving size is 2, but since I drink caffeine I think I would only take 1 tablet a day, so I don’t get any weird palpitations. 

Body Glove Surge Energy Gel.  Full-size, 12 packets $25.12.

I received this in chocolate.  I’m kind of scared to try this… gel chocolate flavor sounds kind of gross to me… But I guess I shouldn’t knock it until I try it, so I will report back on the taste and if I feel the product works. 

Nuvia Trim.  Weight Loss Coffee.  Full-size, 30 packets $35.00.

I received two packets which is nice.  I’m excited to try these!! I love coffee.  They have green coffee bean extract and raspberry ketones in them. 

Rootology.  Full-size, 40 tablets $18.99.

I received two packs of this as well so 4 tablets.  This sounds like a great alternative to benedryl.  

Havvn Go Sticks.  Full size, 30 packets $64.99.

Well, these are seriously expensive.  I’m not really sure what these are suppose to do or what flavor these are (((they work with the body at the genetic level, not sure what that means))), but I’m willing to try it out.  I wonder if this is the same brand as the birchbox night cream I received this month??

Overall, this box is well worth the $5.00 dollars I spent on it.  I’m really curious if they work.  =) 



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